1. For Halloween 2013 we’re running a campaign to ensure all kids cared for by the Benton Franklin Domestic Violence Shelter have the opportunity to trick-or-treat in costume. Would you like to help?

    What you can do:

    1. Buy an extra costume when you take your kids costume shopping and donate it. We’ll even be collecting costumes at stores so you won’t have to remember to drop it off.

    2. If you’d like to contribute monetarily, you can give at this GoFundMe campaign. All funds will be used solely for the purchase of costumes and costume accessories. The campaign goal of $300 will provide about fifteen costumes. An estimated total of thirty to fifty costumes are expected to be needed.

    3. If you have old costumes that no longer fit you or your children, don’t throw them away—donate them to us! You can either take them to one of our collection events or have the costumes picked up.

    4. Share your ideas with us! Prove you’re smarter than we are by helping us create better ways to collect costumes.

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